Yamaha SR400, The Tough Retro Bike!

Yamaha SR400

Dear Readers, retro bike in the modern era is more like the oasis in the dessert. The looks always amazing and awesome in my eyes. No exeption for this Yamaha Retro Bike, the legendari SR400. When i have a call from my friend to take a look closer with this extraordinary bike, i just go with my pleasure, there is no thinking twice or something else. As my expectation, SR400 is a great retro bike, and i really happy to see and ride this bike. In Indonesia, Yamaha SR400 maybe can counted by fingers :mrgreen: .

Yamaha SR400-11

Head-to-head with my lovely bike Kawasaki ER6n, SR400 look like the grandfather who want to taking care of his grandson. No doubt, SR400 have the authority of motorcycle, and great performance for daily ride. Enjoy the frame of Yamaha SR400, and stay tune for the test ride and review of this motorcycle only at monkeymotoblog.com. Thanks all!

10 Comments on “Yamaha SR400, The Tough Retro Bike!”

  1. MotorGUE says:

    Beautiful .. ..

  2. clasic bgt gan 😀
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    or free backlink4u click on INDpati

  3. Dimas Roborizer says:


  4. di jogja ada banyak yang seperti itu

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