Vulcan S Flat Tracker, Sedap! Bikin Versi Pabrikan Asik Nih!


Sobat Sekalian, baca-baca otosia, saya melihat ada Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 yang di modifikasi. Modifikasinya keren banget euy, Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 yang genrenya adalah motor cruiser, dimodif jadi motor Flat Tracker! Serius, jadi sangar euy Vulcan S nya! Kreasi atau modifikasi emang gak ada matinya ya Sob! Read the rest of this entry »

BMW R1200GS LC, Sebuah Ketangguhan dan Kegagahan Dari Jerman!


Sobat Sekalian, beberapa waktu yang lalu, saya pernah dipinjami oleh sahabat Blogger Mbah Dukun motor kesayangannya. Motor ini diberi nama Koala, hmm, entah apa alasan Mbah memberi nama motor-motornya dengan nama hewan yang bentuknya lucu-lucu, hehe. yang jelas, ini motor sama Koala beneran, hanya sama diwarnanya saja yang abu-abu. Beberapa hari dirumah, saya mencoba mengabadikannya,  oia, untuk yang ingin tahu reviewnya, bakalan nongol kok di Read the rest of this entry »

Yamaha SR400, The Tough Retro Bike!

Yamaha SR400

Dear Readers, retro bike in the modern era is more like the oasis in the dessert. The looks always amazing and awesome in my eyes. No exeption for this Yamaha Retro Bike, the legendari SR400. When i have a call from my friend to take a look closer with this extraordinary bike, i just go with my pleasure, there is no thinking twice or something else. As my expectation, SR400 is a great retro bike, and i really happy to see and ride this bike. In Indonesia, Yamaha SR400 maybe can counted by fingers :mrgreen: . Read the rest of this entry »

MV Agusta Brutale 910R, Beauty And The Beast!


Dear nice reader, in this article i just want to share my photograph of the nice bike from MV Agusta, MV Agusta Brutale 910R. I call this bike “beauty and the beast” with one reason, the appearance is definitely awesome, not to much if i say this bike is more like the art than the motorcycle. But, in the other side if you try to push the throttle much deeper you will feel the incredible power from the 900 CC inline four engine, moving very fast, and accelerate like arrow. Read the rest of this entry »

Gallery Of Honda Vario 150, All New Scooter From Astra Honda Motor!

Honda Vario 150

Dear Nice Readers, the first article in opened with the pictures of Honda Vario 150. The latest motorcycle from PT Astra Honda Motor.  Vario 150 actually have the elegant and attractive design. Honda AHM sell this variant with two different themes, elegant and sporty. Elegant theme is more simple, because there is only one color on the body. But in the sporty theme, there is a more dynamic accent striping with bright colors. Oh my, this scooter make me feel the Scoopy that i used for about five years look like the old one, especially for the performance. the diferences between Scoopy and Vario 150 it’s totally clear! Read the rest of this entry »